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About Us

eHomeoz is one kind of Telehealth care which brings promotive & medieative services to the patients.Wherever you stay it will provide you it’s healthcare facility.Telehealth care of eHomeoz is not only an interactive platform between physicians & patients but through its information services, also tries to increase mass ¬†awareness of diagnosis & medical conditions,treatments and more importantly, good health practices .Telehealth ¬†care never be successful to fulfill it’s goal of increasing the entire wellness of patient without bringing video & telephonic conference, specialist consultation,preventive care,continuing physician & the integration of services.Telehealth care works in some important arena of medical or health/information & remote patient monitoring:

Telehealth care includes patient care firstly.It shares it’s ample treatment & modern progressive medical data among the patient through audio & video consultation.It always tries to develop a diagnosis,treatment plan,prescription or advice.Healthcare professional is always ready to provide a specialist via livestream to a patient so that he can easily interact with doctor for his diagnostic consultation.

Secondly,We use the quality process & clinical protocols for our National network of India Board certified doctors.

eHomeoz offers affordable cost so that patients get opportunity to consult for advanced treatment from internationally renowned physicians & specialists in no time. Besides our doctors provides E-prescription.