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Empowering Rural Health Care

Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health. “In the beginning, there was desire which was the first seed of mind,” says Rig-Veda, which probably is the earliest piece of literature known to mankind.

Present scenario of Indian rural health care

Indian rural health care faces a crisis unmatched to any other social sector. Nearly 86% of all the medical visit in India are made by ruralities with majority still travelling more than 100 km even more than 300 kms to avail good health care facility of which 70-80% is burn out of pocket landing them in poverty.

Government succeeded in generating infrastructures in urban area but fail to do so in rural, sustaining 70% of Indian population. Though existing infrastructural setup for providing health care in rural India is on a right track, yet the qualitative and quantitative availability of primary health care facilities is far less than the defined norms by the World Health Organization. Location of PHCs and CHCs a far of distance from rural areas procures a heavy daily loss of wages. This leads the rural people accessing facilities of private health care practitioners, usually unregistered at affordable charges in their villages.ehomeoz

Why Homeopathy?                                                                                             

25-30% INCREASE IN ANNUAL PATIENT ACCEPTANCE RATE FOR HOMOEOPATHY .These are but projected figures and the numbers are only expected to grow.Homoeopathy is renowned as an inexpensive system of curative medicine.The aim of this field has always been on not how much money that can be made but rather on the number of lives that could be saved through the use of the ‘Infinitesimal posology’-a boon of the Pharmacopoeia that is its very own.Expenses involved in the treatment of major diseases like Cancer/Malaria or AIDS through Homoeopathy is infinitesimally small as compared to mainstream medicine[Allopathy].


Services we provide

  1. Online specialists visit in satellite clinics
  2. Low cost quality medicines
  3. 24 hours emergency phone support
  4. Referral service as patient’s need
  5. First Aid care

Future Aims

  1. Inclusion of Dietician
  2. Physiotherapist in every clinic
  3. Improvement of referral chain
  4. Spreading of Satellite Clinics in PAN INDIA.