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Ehomeoz is one kind of Telehealth care which brings promotive & mediative services to the patient with its motto "Not to allure,but to cure"...

    Our main aim is Empowering Rural & Urban health care both quantitatively & qualitatively and availing good health care facility in every corner,where it is not possible. We have been striving to save as much as number of lives could be saved within a shorter span of time, with less amount as compared to other mainstream medicine(Allopathy)...   For "Health is not everything but everything else is nothing without health"..

      We as Ehomoeozian truly believe in treating all the symptoms of the patient at all levels of your being- spritual, social,mental and physical and find the best cure for them.

   Through our consistent healthcare services, activities & health based programs ,we are trying to breed a change in the massive health care &medical treatment system and to attain the highest standards of health care among the peripheral tier of the society.

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Our Mission

We currently are working with 8 medical clinics in different districts and some outskirts areas of West Bengal. 3 in Jalpaiguri district, 3 in Malda, 1 in Midnapore & 1 in Nadia. Our aim is to eastablish minimum 20 health-care clinics in the outskirts of West Bengal by the year 2020 to which we have named as mission 20-20 and we have been working really hard to achieve it.. We provide healthcare professionals prerequisite a specialist via livestream to a patient for direct interaction with the doctor for his diagnostic consultation. We use quality process and clinical protocols for our National network of India Board Certified Doctors. We involve telephonic conference,live video chats of the patient with doctor's with quick integration of services. We give ample amount of time to each patient, involving modern progressive medical data among the patient through audio & video consultation. We accord High quality medicines & making accessible to both local and worldwide patient's.

Our Vission

We have formed a team to mobilise all the plans together and thereby,reaching a larger audience.Doctors from different arena have joined hands to bring about an awareness impact both offline and online to reach more people, to create a large impact.. We strive to increase our networks thereby, unifying resources and reaching more and more people. Objective:to make people aware & cure them. Outcome:Potential Public Health Benefit(PPHB).

Our Team

Arghya Majumder

Chronic Diseases & Endocrinology



Awards: 1

Experience: 4 year

Sampad Roy

Chronic diseases & Cardiology



Awards: 3

Experience: 5 year

Vaibhavi Mehta

Gynecology and Psychiatric cases



Awards: 2

Experience: 1 year

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Sorry!Not for emergencies! In the case of emergency please visit a hospital.
Call : 9007044433
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