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  • 04 Sep 2018
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We often call off few symptoms or don’t go for a medical assistance because we think that they might not be related to some serious health problems or might be they are too trivial to go for a doctor. But that may not be true sometimes..

                                          Bloating of abdomen

There may be several reasons for this like improper digestion,constipation or diarrhoea,anxiety,irritable bowel syndrome. But if there may be life threatening disease like ovarian cancer also.

In homoeopathy there are many medicines for ovarian cancer such as Lachesis,Conium,Arsenicum album,Kreosote,Graphites,Psorinum etc.

                                           Tender spot on calf

This can be due to strain or injury. But if not then it could be DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis) that is a blood clot in deep might occur if you recently had a long car or plane journey or in women who are in use of birth control pills or prolonged bed rest or after is a life threatening disease because the clot can move towards lung & stop blood flow.

DVT can be completely cured by homoeopathic treatment.some of the remedies are Apis mellifica,Bothrops,Vipera,Hamamelis,Lachesis etc.

                                   Excessive daytime sleepiness

Well, this may be due to lack of sleep during night time for example if you work late at night due to your occupation or study, this could be quite normal. But if not & you have snoring,often wake up abruptly at night,morning headache,dry mouth etc with excessive daytime sleepiness then you might be suffering from sleep apnoe. This is a very serious condition where your breathing stops for few seconds or minutes suddenly & starts again & this occurs intermittently.
There are several homoeopathic remedies for this,of which most common are Calcarea carb,Hepar sulph,Ipecacuanha& Sambucus.

                                          Chronic constipation

We often hesitate to go for a doctor with constipation,but don’t let embarrassment come in your way. Why? because if constipation becomes a frequent problem of yours ,it could indicate you might have colon or bowel cancer.
Alumina,Carbo veg,lycopodium,nitric acid,Ruta etc are some beneficial Homoeopathic remedies for colon cancer.

                                      Tingling of fingertips

This could be a sign of some serious ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis,diabetes,carpal tunnel syndrome, some nerve injuries,HIV. Most common among them is diabetic neuropathy.
Homoepathy can relieve the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy by some remedies like phosphoric acid,helonias,Sulphur etc.

                                   Unexpected weight loss-

To many of us losing few extra kgs without dieting or exercising is welcoming sign. But do you know that this could be first warning sign of cancer-most commonly cancer of oesophagus,pancreas,stomach or lung.
There are several homoeopathic remedies for these which can relieve the pains of cancer,prevent them from their further progression,relieve other symptoms like cough,pain in chest,difficulty in swallowing etc & most importantly without any side effect.

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