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Get rid of intercostal myalgia with advanced homeopathy in ehomeoz

  • Dr.Sudipta Nandi
  • 08 Nov 2018
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The intercostal muscles are located between the ribs.

There are eleven intercostal muscles that are located on each side of the rib cage. They function to move and stabilize the chest wall. Intercostal muscles connect one rib to another and aid in breathing by expanding and contracting the ribs effectively.

Usually, the intercostal muscle pains are confused with chest pain(which is related to heart).
Homeopathy has a huge scope in treating such pains very quickly without any side effects as modern painkillers have

The most common causes of an intercostal muscle sprain include the following: Forceful twisting of the body Swinging of arms Sports activities like golf, baseball, tennis A direct blow to the rib cage

he symptoms may differ depending on the severity of the injury. The most common symptoms include: Pain in the injured area Swelling Tenderness at the site Difficulty breathing Sharp, stabbing pains Painful aches or soreness around rib cage .

In homeopathy we have many remedies which can be effectively used in Such cases…

1.Mag phos
4.Rhus tox
6.Arsenicum album Etc
Self medication may be dangerous to your health …

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