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Get rid of Lipoma without Surgery by advanced Homeopathy in eHomeoz Healthcare

  • Team Ehomeoz
  • 21 Nov 2018
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What Is a Lipoma? A lipoma, a knob of fatty tissue under your skin, is probably harmless, but it needs to be checked.

A lipoma is a lump of fatty tissue between your skin and the underlying muscle. It feels rubbery, and you may be able to move it around a bit.
A lipoma is usually painless, harmless, and not cancerous. Lipomas tend to grow slowly over months or even years. Although the rare lipomas may become as large as 8 inches, most stay smaller than 2 inches.
A lipoma is the most common soft tissue tumor in adults, occurring in one in every 1,000 people.

Where Does it Develop?
A lipoma can grow anywhere on the body, but it most often occurs under the skin of these areas:
Upper back
Upper thighs.
It may also develop in a muscle, an organ, or deep within a thigh, shoulder, or calf.

Medical experts don't know about causes, but some think it's a response to a physical trauma.
However, it's possible that the trauma doesn't cause the lipoma, but it was there previously and discovered because of the trauma.
Some doctors think lipomas occur more often in inactive people, but this belief hasn't been proven.

Lipomas do tend to run in families, so genetic factors can play a role in their development. Some genetic conditions can cause a person to have one or more lipomas,
including: Gardner syndrome, a condition that causes benign tumors to form Adiposis dolorosa, a condition marked by the growth of lipomas Familial multiple lipomatosis, a hereditary condition that causes multiple lipomas

Are Lipomas Cancerous?
A lipoma is usually harmless and painless, and most lipomas are not cancerous. However, in rare cases, a lipoma can become a liposarcoma, a fat-cell cancer.

Your doctor may perform one or all of the following exams of your lump to determine if it's a lipoma or something else: Physical exam Removal of a sample of tissue (a biopsy) for microscopic examination Imaging tests, such as ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan Treatment- Homeopathy has got huge role in treating lipomas.
Permanent cure can be achieved by homeopathy without any surgery.

Homeopathic Treatment:-
Lipoma is a cosmetic illness. Does surgical excision cure the condition?
No! So, never go for surgical options to get it removed, unless it gives any persistent symptoms due to localized pressure.
Usually surgical removal causes it to spread to other places for unknown reasons. So, surgeons never assure non recurrence in the same or other places. Even though nobody thinks of homeopathy for lipomas, considering it as a pure surgical disorder, homeopathy can treat a lipoma or lipomas (lipomata) very effectively.
Homeopathic treatment easily arrests new lipoma formation and continued growth of existing lipomas. There will also be reduction in the size of the lipoma to residuals, i.e., swelling gets softened and flattened, so that visibility can be reduced.
Better results can be attained if treatment is started earlier - just after the diagnosis.
If the lipoma is in the initial stages, it will disappear completely. The treatment procedure will be a slow but gradual and continuous process. In homeopathy, removal by surgery is considered removal of the effects of the disease and not removal of the cause or disease itself and so, there will be recurrence. Homeopathic treatment can abort this tendency of recurrence by improving the natural healing processes.

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