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Paronychia and its Causes , Symptoms , Best Treatment through Homeopathy

  • Team Ehomeoz
  • 17 Feb 2019
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What Is Paronychia ?

A paronychia is an infection of the skin that surrounds a toenail or fingernail. There are two different types of paronychia, acute and chronic. 

There are multiple causes of both acute and chronic paronychia. The underlying cause of each is bacteria, Candida yeast, or a combination of the two agents.

Symptoms –
An acute paronychia causes throbbing pain, redness, warmth and swelling in the skin around a nail. In some cases, a small collection of pus forms under the skin next to the nail, or underneath the nail itself. Often, only one nail is affected.
A chronic paronychia usually causes less dramatic symptoms than an acute paronychia. Typically, the area around the nail is tender, red and mildly swollen; the cuticle is missing; and the skin around the nail feels moist or "boggy." Several nails on the same hand may be affected at the same time.

Diagnosis -
If you have a mild acute paronychia, you usually can make the diagnosis yourself. Look for throbbing pain, swelling and redness in an area of damaged skin around a nail. If you are diabetic, have several affected fingers or toes, or have severe symptoms (pus, fever, severe pain), you must be evaluated by a doctor.

To prevent paronychia, try the following:
• Keep your hands and feet dry and clean.
• Wear rubber gloves with an absorbent cotton lining if your hands are exposed routinely to water or harsh chemicals.
• Be gentle when you manicure your nails. Avoid cutting your cuticles or pushing them back.
• Avoid biting your nails and picking at the skin around your nails.
• If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar levels within a normal range by following your diet and taking your medications.

Homeopathy is the best treatment for treating paronychia.

Homeopathic remedies:-
1.Antimony Crudum:  Homeopathic Remedy for Fungus causing Distorted Nails and Toenails I would say that for nail fungus homeopathic treatment promises a safe and successful solution with zero side-effects.Homoeopathic medicine Antim crud is one of the top remedies in cases of infections of the nails associated with thick horny callosities of the skin.
2.Slicea:  Homeopathic Remedy for Nail fungus with Pus , Infection and sharp Pains in Toenail Silicea is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for fungus . I feel it is best recommended to patients who have very cold feet and palms.
3.Graphitis:  Homeopathy for Nail Fungus when Nails Crack I have found that homeopathic medicine Graphites is suitable for cases of nail disorders characterized by inward growth of the nails, especially of the toe nails.
4.Bufo rana: Homeopathic medicine for Nail Infection and Fungus that turns the Nail Blue Homeopathic Medicine Bufo Rana is a very effective homeopathic remedy for treating fungal infections of the nails and toenail which appear bluish or blackish in color.
5. Acid fluor: Homeopathic medicine for Fast Growing and Crippled Nails With Fungal Infection Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid assures positive results in cases where the nails grow very fast and are crippled.
6.Belladonna: Very useful for acute paronychia.

Self medication can be dangerous.Consult Our Specialist doctors to treat your problems anytime.

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